Troop Leadership

Adult Leaders

Our Troop is led by a very active and dedicated group of experienced Scouts, most of whom were once Boy Scouts in the troop, many having earned Eagle Scout!


David A. Craighead, Eagle Scout

Assistant Scoutmasters

Bill Dunn, Eagle Scout, District Award of Merit
Don Dunn, Eagle Scout, District Award of Merit
Jeff Wong, Eagle Scout, District Award of Merit

Troop Leadership Committee

James McHale, Committee Chairman | Member since 2014
Paul Woodruff, Treasurer | Member since 2006
Jeff Craighead, Institutional Representative | Member since 2012, Eagle Scout
Wm Black, Institutional Head | Member since 2013
Fury Colubriale, Committee Member |Member since 2000, District Award of Merit
Cheryl Colubriale, Committee Member |Member since 2000
Gail Craighead, Committee Member | Member since 1998
Mary Dunn, Committee Member | Member since 2000
David Loftus, Committee Member | Member since 2006
Janet McHale, Committee Member | Member since 2013
Barbara Watson, Committee Member
Sue Wienand, Committee Member | Member since 2016
Joy Woodruff, Committee Member |Member since 2013

Boy Scout Leaders

Developing leaders is a very important part of our Boy Scout program (this is a great article from Scouting Magazine about Boy Scout’s required positions of responsibility). Troop 334 takes great pride and guiding and empowering our Boy Scouts to be competent and accountable leaders.

Senior Patrol Leader

Sebastian Ravasco

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Tommy Boles

Ian Caporellie

Patrol Leader


Assistant Patrol Leader