Our Order of the Arrow Scouts

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is most commonly known as the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America. A more clear definition would be that the society was created to honor Scouts that best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law. It uses American Indian-styled traditions and ceremonies to bestow recognition on Scouts selected by their peers as best exemplifying the ideals of Scouting.

Unami Lodge, and the Order, was founded at Treasure Island Scout camp in the summer of 1915 by E. Urner Goodman, with the assistance of Carroll A. Edson, as a means of reinforcing the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. The goal was to establish these as lifelong guidelines, and to encourage continued participation in Scouting and camping. The organization was to be based on Leni Lenape traditions.

Boy Scout Troop 334 is proud to be a part of Unami Lodge, the first and founding lodge of the Order of Arrow.

Troop 334 Order of the Arrow Honor Roll

Ammon Cirigliano- Ordeal 2006, Brotherhood 2007
Shawn Friel- Ordeal 2006, Brotherhood 2007
Paul Maiellano- Ordeal 2006
Avery Sheridan- Ordeal 2006 Brotherhood 2007
Tyler Loftus- Ordeal 2007
Tim Manrol- Ordeal 2007
David Nagel- Ordeal 2007
Ned Harrity- Ordeal 2007
Justin Dunn- Brotherhood 2007
Mike Bryan- Brotherhood 2007
John Wynne- Brotherhood 2007
Tyler Morrison- Brotherhood 2007
Patrick Williams- Brotherhood 2007
Travis Bristow- Brotherhood 2007
Nick Stahl- Ordeal 2009
Jeremy Dunn- Ordeal 2009, Brotherhood 2011
Zack Quain- Ordeal 2009
Kyle McGarry- Ordeal 2009, Brotherhood 2010
Phil Forester- Ordeal 2009
Paul Morroneny Jr.- Ordeal 2009
Scott Lowery- Ordeal 2009
Paul Morroneny Sr.- Brotherhood 2009
Tim Greene- Brotherhood 2009
Patrick Urbine- Ordeal 2011
Peter Nagel- Ordeal 2011
Fury Colubriale Sr.- Ordeal 2011
Zack Espinosa- Brotherhood 2011
Chris Romano- Brotherhood 2011
Louis Springer- Brotherhood 2011
Max Scheuermann- Ordeal 2013
Elijah Espinosa- Ordeal 2013
Jacob Espinosa- Ordeal 2013
Jim McHale- Ordeal 2018
Nick Springer- Ordeal 2018
Kyle Ross- Brotherhood 2018

NOTE: Unfortunately, these records are incomplete. Please Contact Us if you know of any changes that are needed.