From Our Scoutmaster

As scoutmaster of Troop 334, I have a view of what and where I want the troop to head. Foremost is to carry on the traditions Doc Christy established, and George & Norm Snyder continued: to run a traditional scout program which promotes leadership and teamwork. All of our current leadership were raised with and know and these values. We all have all chosen to support these values as we have continued with the troop after we reached the rank of Eagle.

I have the challenging task of taking these values and balancing them with the ever changing society in which we live. I research and incorporate new ideas from other troops that might enhance our troop without selling-out our core values. Part of this mission is to help our boys grow into exceptional young men. It means leaving behind the ā€œIā€ for the team, leaving behind the electronics when necessary, and enabling the boys get out of their comfort zones and try new things. I want all the parents, committee members, Assistant Scoutmasters, and Scouts to be a part of this vision. I want and value their point of view. I also want them to be open minded to explore and discuss openly the new ideas that I bring forth.

I feel that if we do this, we will not only see the troop continue to grow but to thrive, and allow us to pass on our values to more youth well into the 21st century.

David A. Craighead